Conference Registration

41st Annual Conference in Seattle, Washington

If you are not a member of District VIII, now is the time to sign up and save on the conference! Members enjoy discounted registration in addition to the benefits of participation in District VIII.

Registration fees include conference materials and conference meals.

Entire Conference-Registration:  Choose one Saturday Breakout Session.
Thursday's dinner.  Tickets to the Friday night Mariner's game have sold out, so prices have been reduced accordingly.  If there are individuals who want to sell their tickets, we will arrange private sales at the meeting.

  By 5/29 After
Physician, Member $675 $645 (no baseball)
Physician, Non-Member $725 $720 (no baseball)
Fellow/NP/PA/RN, Allied Health Member $425 $365 (no baseball)
Fellow/NP/PA/RN, Allied Health Non-Member $475 $415(no baseball)



One-Day Registration Options

Thursday, June 22, 2017 Only (Welcome Reception & Keynote Address)

Physician $150
Fellow/NP/PA/RN, Allied Health $100


Friday, June 23, 2017 Only

Physician, Member $315 (no baseball)
Physician, Non-Member $365 (no baseball)
Fellow/NP/PA/RN, Allied Health, Member $215 (no baseball)
Fellow/NP/PA/RN, Allied Health, Non-Member $290 (no baseball)


Saturday, June 24, 2017 Only - Choose one Breakout Session. 

Physician $250
Fellow/NP/PA/RN, Allied Health $120


Sunday, June 25, 2017 Only

Physician $200
Fellow/NP/PA/RN, Allied Health $100



Breakfast $25 per day
Lunch $40 per day
Welcome Reception & Keynote Presentation $75
Founder's Dinner $130

FOUNDERS' DINNER honoring Dennis Mayock, MD and Carl Bodenstein, MD:  Saturday night 6 pm - Columbia Tower Club 

Attendee $130