District 8 Conference Finance Committee

Committee Purpose:
Ensure conference revenues exceed expenses. Provide ideas and support for conference hosts as well as oversight for the District. 

Chair: Carl Bodenstein (Washington 2004)



Jerald King (Utah 2005) Scott Snyder (Idaho 2010)
Lily Lou (Alaska 2006) Rebecca Bent (Oregon 2011)
Erika Fernandez (New Mexico 2007) Ravi Krishnan (Nevada 2012)
Shoo Lee (Alberta 2008)

Carlos Flores (Arizona 2013)


  1. Approve the conference planner and venue contracts selected by the conference host (24-36 months out).
  2. Establish a working budget for the annual conference using the template of prior conferences (24 months out). Re-discuss and update at intervals.
  3. Oversee the opening and closing of conference accounts and see that basic accounting procedures are followed.
  4. Pre-approve funding requests of sponsors and exhibitors, registration and guest fees, and conference expenditures. Keep pre-conference planning on target for revenues to exceed expenses by 10%.
  5. Develop a working relationship with sponsor and exhibitor company administrators above the local representatives. Understand company policies and marketing so requests for funding can be both timely and at an appropriate level, and so the District can facilitate a positive experience for company representatives at the conference.
  6. Develop a working relationship with conference planner(s) to ensure the District receives what has been contracted for, and to facilitate a positive experience for the planner. Encourage repeat use of good planners.
  7. Work to reduce registration costs for District members and individuals in training.

Throughout this process, allow conference hosts sufficient flexibility to spend and be innovative and enhance conference offerings so they and their staff can feel proud of the final product as well as the bottom line.