District 8 Scientific Committee

Committee Purpose:
Encourage membership and participation from within the district academic community. Oversee district research and educational activities. 

Chair:  Abhay Lodha (Alberta)




Tara Dupont (New Mexico)  
Horatio Osiovich (British Columbia)  
Sheree Kuo (Hawaii)  




  1. Maintain regular contact with academic and fellowship directors to encourage membership, and attendance and participation at the annual conference and fellows workshop.* Keep a current list of contact information. Invite individuals to fill vacancies on the Scientific Committee.
  2. Provide preconference suggestions for meeting content and speakers (12-18 months out). Work with the conference host on final selections. Provide speaker contact information to the conference host.
  3. Invite (6-12 months out) and identify fellows (March) coming to the workshop. Provide contact information to the conference host.
  4. Coordinate the call for abstracts (email or mail) with the conference host (January).
  5. Review and select from abstract submissions the podium and poster presentations (March). Notify submitters of acceptance (or not). Provide presenter contact information to the conference host.
  6. Judge podium and poster presentations for the clinical and basic research awards and announce winners at the conference.
  7. Work to have abstracts published annually (J of Perinatology?).
  8. The Chair attends the semiannual council meetings (may send alternate).

Most academic centers are under-represented in District VIII and their fellows are increasingly difficult to get to the workshop and conference. To increase membership and participation within these centers and with fellows, we offer to let the academic community help plan an annual (clinical) meeting that they would like to attend and send their fellows to. As the conference moves around the District, we would hope that academic faculty who are members would “support” the District by attending the conference or by speaking (if invited). Accordingly, academic directors should be encouraged to select individuals from their faculty to serve as committee members or as state council representatives.