Get Involved - Membership Committee

District 8 Membership Committee

October 2010
Committee Purpose: 
To develop the District’s administrative approach to recruitment and retention of members and to maintain lists and contact information of members and potential members.
Chair: District Secretary or other
State Representatives (Council)
Ad Hoc members:
Duties of State Representatives:
1.      Contact (email, phone, or in person) each neonatologist or advanced practitioner (NNP, PA) each year to “say hello,” promote membership and attendance at the annual conference, and update contact information.
2.      Maintain lists of practice groups and hospital management staff where special neonatal services are provided (level 2 or higher).
Duties of ad hoc members:
1.      Update member profiles on the website as information becomes available or changes.
2.      Organize and carry out an annual membership campaign (July, August, September) utilizing website offerings, Newsflash content, approved incentives, and other means.
3.      Recommend to the District Council ideas for member benefits, policies and practices to increase membership and improve retention.
All work to:
1.      Increase new membership annually.
2.      Increase retention, particularly through a new member’s first 2 years.
3.      Expand committee membership to include individuals from MD practice groups, advanced practice (NNP or PA) groups, and unit nursing management, and
4.   Seek for the "personal touch" that will help all members and potential members get to know each other and develop friendships.