2018 Conference

Zermatt Utah

District VIII Section on Perinatal Pediatrics
42st Annual Conference

June 21-24, 2018 | Salt Lake City, Utah

Location: Zermatt Resort - Midway, Utah

Focus: Tools for Effective, Lower-Cost Care

A quicker, more precise diagnosis or therapy is the best start for more effective, lower-cost care . . . and for the start of a conference dedicated to this theme.

Attendees will first enjoy a keynote address on “Precision Medicine” at the welcome reception to kick things off, then go on to see how a better understanding of common and cutting-edge hematology can make it so.  The conference then focuses on in-depth and innovative approaches to the challenging and costly epidemic of opioid addiction.  The final session is all about health-care financing, resource utilization, and cost-reduction protocols.  Do Low-Cost Leaders have Worse Outcomes?  You won’t want to miss this one.

Conference Planning Committee:

Jerald King, Co-Chair

Ryann Bierer, Co-Chair

​Tracy Karp, Co-Chair

Sheree Kuo, District Chair

Abhay Lodha, Scientific Chair    

Note: Early registration has been extended!

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