2018 Conference - Activities


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Thursday Night - Welcome Reception


6 pm – Miniature Golf Course, Miniature Golf Tourney

Singles, couples, three or foursomes may join up in this mixer, best-ball tourney with fame and prizes for winners and missed-it-by-this-much, heartbreaking enjoyment for the losers. 

Miniature Golf Course Zermatt Utah

6-9 pm Carousel Patio, cash bar and appetizers

6-8 pm – FamilySearch.org – Carousel Patio

Computer stations and guides will help you find your place in history with an online search of your family tree.  Bring a name and date of birth of a deceased grandparent and you will be good to go.  Set up a free account, leave with a printout, and continue to explore, celebrate, and share your family heritage at home.  If you do not make it Thursday evening, FamilySearch guides will also be available in the exhibit area during breakfasts and breaks on Friday and Saturday. 


7 pm – Dinner, Carousel Patio

Enjoy a tasty, plated dinner with colleagues and guests who came with you, add a few new acquaintances and your table is ready to be served.  Kids welcome.  Dress casual (for everything).

Carousel Patio

8-9 pm – Willard Dere, MD “Precision Medicine: Outlive your Family History”

Matterhorn Ballroom

Precision medicine is the personalized tailoring of health care to individual patients.  Learn how genetic advances are determining disease risk, aiding rapid diagnosis, and predicting drug response in adults and newborns.

Precision Medicine




Friday Night - A Taste of Park City


6-6:30 pm - Le Bus from Zermatt to Historic Main Street Park City

Join us for a cruise on the good ship “Le Bus” for a short sail to historic Main Street Park City where art galleries, shops, and restaurants await for your browsing and dining pleasure.  The restaurants have been chosen by locals for the quality of their food.  You can’t make a bad choice.  Just decide which menu makes your mouth water most.  Menus can be found online in advance and will be posted near registration for perusal after arrival.  Choose your restaurant when you pick up your packet at registration and form groups for dining on sign up lists also posted near registration.  You are going on a cruise, so mix it up.  Meet new people.  Restaurant choices:

Riverhorse - this award-winning, upscale destination serves eclectic american fare and fine wines in an elegant space with live music.  https://riverhorseparkcity.com/

​Bangkok Thai on Main - this upscale Thai restaurant offers award-winning, spiced-to-order dishes.  See: https://bangkokthaionmain.com/

​Firewood - this 2018 Salt Lake Magazine dining award winner is a rustic-chic eatery fueled by wood fire offering meats and seafood in a turn-of-the-century ambience.  See: http://firewoodonmain.com/

6:30 - 7:30 pm, To Tour or Not to Tour

Main Street Park City

Choose to Tour: Ghost Tour Park City

Beginning at 6:30, the Ghost Tour is a fun private, walking tour with a group of 20 or so going up and down historic Main Street Park City.  Through research, interviews, field recordings and other cutting edge methods, company investigators found and chose 15 stories because they were the most exciting…and terrifying.  If you are a believer in ghosts, you will hear some of the best ghost stories ever to come out of the west; and if you don’t believe in ghosts, prepare to have your mind changed!  If this is your pleasure, click the box during registration and you are in!  No extra charge!

If you chose a ghost tour, the guides will find you where the ship docks on Main Street.  Experience your tour then walk with your group to the restaurant you chose by about 7:30 pm.  Your dinner awaits.  After feasting, the rest of the evening on Main Street is yours.  Don’t miss your ride home at 9 pm!

Choose NOT to Tour: Browse and Shop Historic Main Street, Park City

If you do NOT click the box for a ghost tour, then your dinner reservation will be first after docking on Main Street at 6:30 pm.  Take your growling tummies on over to your restaurant, they are all close to the drop off port.  After dinner, Main Street is at your mercy.  Enjoy.  This scenic half mile is packed with fun shops and galleries.  Just browse or find something to take home.  But don't forget your ride home.  Be back to the drop off port by 9 pm when the shops close, and we’ll sail you back to Zermatt. 

Clothing, art, and gifts

Lululemon Athletica (sportswear)

Prospect (men, women & kids apparel)

Livin’ Life Park City (pottery, art glass, & jewelry)

Dolly’s Bookstore (books)

Southwest Indian Traders (clothing)

Root’d (home goods)

Dugins West (souvenirs)

Flight Boutique (women’s clothing & shoes)

Cake Boutique (women’s clothing& accessories)

Mary Jane’s (shoes)

Deer Valley Store (clothing)

Alpaca International (women’s clothing)

O.C. Tanner Jewelers (jewelry)

Sock City (clothing)

Overland Sheepskin (outerwear & shoes)

Burns Cowboy (boots)

Olive and Tweed (clothing)

Gorsuch Ltd (clothing and gifts)

North Woods USA (t-shirts)

Shirt Off My Back (t-shirts)


Art galleries

Main Street Gallery

Gallery MAR

Terzian Galleries

Park City Fine Art

Montgomery-Lee fine Art

Meyer Gallery

Rich Haines Galleries

McMillen Fine Art Photography

J GO Gallery

Old Towne Gallery

Artworks Park City

Prothro gallery

Lund’s Fine Art Gallery

The Light Hunter

Thomas Anthony Gallery

Prospect Gallery

Stone Art Gallery

Pine Park City

Southwester Expressions

Pando fine Art

9 pm - Le Bus sails from the drop off point back to Zermatt, arriving about 9:30 pm.

Note: if you miss your ride or if you choose to stay and socialize at a local watering hole, you can Uber back to Zermatt for about $20.  Just tell us BEFORE you step off Le Bus so we’ll know not to send the sheriff out to find you. 



Saturday Evening Founders’ Dinner


6-9 pm, Blue Boar Restaurant, Midway, UT

Note: This event is NOT included in registration and is capacity-limited.  Seats around the tables will be filled on a first paid, first served basis.

The Blue Boar Inn and Restaurant is a 4-Star, old-style, European chateau nestled in the foothills of Midway, Utah (a short walk from Zermatt Resort).  After a social hour, attendees will enjoy a fine-dining meal from the 2017 Best of State, best northern European fine dining award-winner.  After dinner, we’ll reminisce through past conference photos and identify colleagues and friends for website postings.  Then Jerry King, MD, a former District Chair and the 2018 Conference Host, will be inducted as an Honorary Founder.

Donate to Support Education

A gift agreement document drafted and approved by a unanimous vote of the District VIII Council became a legal document in 2006.  This established the “Founders Education Foundation Fund” and provided binding rules for the receipt and disbursement of funds for the educational purposes laid out in the document, primarily to bring neonatal fellows and other trainees to the annual conference.  After the fundraising goal is met, a specified portion of the annual investment profits will be applied to this cost, currently in excess of $10,000 per conference.  The ultimate goal is for the Education Foundation to fully fund fellow and trainee travel and be self-sustaining.

Note: Those wishing to make a donation to the Education Foundation may do so at registration, at this event, or anytime at www.district8perinatal.org.   All donations are fully tax deductible and a formal receipt will be issued.