District 8 Advanced Practice Committee

Committee Purpose:
Promote the education of and networking amongst advanced practice nurses, physician assistants, and other allied perinatal health professionals. 


Dianne Montgomery CNNP, PNP

Robert Wiebers NNP

Kimberlee Allred NNP-BC

Members: We currently have 73 NNP members and 5 PA members. Please encourage your colleagues to join.


  1.  Promote membership and participation of neonatal nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nurses, and other allied health professionals. Develop and maintain a directory.
  2. Organize, advertise, and lead a networking session at the annual conference (approx 4 hours). Include a practice workshop geared to NNP students and other offerings deemed important to clinical practice or re-credentialing.
  3. Provide input to the Scientific committee and/or Conference host(s) during early conference planning of suggested topics and/or suggested (advanced practice) speakers of interest to advanced practice individuals.
  4. Add content to and update an advanced practice page of the District 8 website.


Advanced practice individuals will join an organization or return to conferences that help meet their needs. Education and job satisfaction gained from network sessions address at least two of their greatest needs.

Mia McDermott, APN(Alaska) (Montana)
(Alberta) Sirkka Spencer, APN (New Mexico)
Kim Allred, APN (Arizona) Robert Wiebers, APN (Nevada)
Gillian Kozinka, RN(British Columbia) Laura Borchers, PAC (Oregon)
Susan Meier, APN(Colorado) Dianne Montgomery, APN (Utah)
Pieron Petri, APN (Hawaii)  (Uniformed Services)

Laura Shumock, APN (Hawaii)

Denise Hanson, APN(Washington)
Melissa Beckler, APN (Idaho)    (Wyoming)