District 8 Continuing Education Committee

Committee Purpose:
Provide continuing medical education (CME) and (nursing) continuing education units (CEU) for the annual conferences. 

Chair: Jack Dolcourt (Salt Lake City) – executive committee term 2004-2007


Erika Fernandez (New Mexico 2007) Shoo Lee (Alberta 2008)
Scott Snyder (Idaho 2010) Rebecca Bent (Oregon 2011)
Ravi Krishnan (Nevada 2012) Carlos Flores (Arizona 2013)


  1. Participate in pre-conference planning of meeting content and speakers. This is formally summarized and discussed at the semiannual council meetings. Prior and continuing discussion is coordinated between the CME chair, the Scientific chair, and the Conference host.
  2. Complete applications to the CME and CEU providers (November). Among other things, this will include the complete conference outline of speakers, times, and topics, and may include speaker CVs, PowerPoint talks with objectives, and disclosures.
  3. Proof conference posters, brochures (January), and syllabus materials (June) for compliance with CME/CEU requirements prior to distribution.
  4. From a list provided by the conference host, obtain sponsor and exhibitor contracts (March).
  5. Develop evaluation forms, then distribute and collect them from attendees at the conference.
  6. Develop CME and CEU certificate forms, then distribute them to attendees.
  7. Provide a conference summary to the CME and CEU providers (August).
  8. The Chair attends the semiannual council meetings (may send alternate).

CME and CEU providers are increasingly regulated and scrutinized which inevitably makes obtaining preconference approval more complicated and prolonged. The committee chair provides expertise to keep the process correct and on a timeline so as not to jeopardize preconference advertising or eventual credit to attendees. Future conference hosts compose the committee and thus gain in expertise while sharing the workload.